Artificial Intelligence is the deception of human intelligence in the form of visual perception, voice recognition, and other human tasks which requires sheer efficiency. Artificial Intelligence is the form of computer technology which can overtake the world with its mechanism and unbinding technology.

There is certainly no denying the fact that Artificial Intelligence is the new tech giant which is ready to take the world by storm anytime soon. In recent years, it got a boost from America, Europe, and Asia. 

As far as Africa is concerned, Artificial Intelligence helped the continent in integrating the technology into its crucial systems such as food and healthcare in order to get the best possible outcomes. In order to make the implementation process smother for the tech bodies, a number of Data Science workshops are being held in the continent so that multiple researchers throughout the world could pour in their ideas and help in introducing the advancements which are needed.

Similarly, contributions are being made by tech giants in Africa for AI. Namely, Google is actively participating to make the continent familiar with the technology and how it should be utilized. Recently, it inaugurated an Artificial Lab in Africa and later this year, the tech giant is planning to host a research conference for the penetration purposes.

Mountain View, CA, United States – August 15, 2016: bikes used by Google employees to move around the Googleplex. Google is a multinational corporation specializing in Internet services and products.

It is important to understand that currently people are expected to travel out of the continent in order to get the right education about Artificial Intelligence and how it should be developed for the sake of technology and better economic opportunities in the country.

However, in upcoming times, it could easily be presumed that the education about the Artificial Intelligence will be made accessible throughout the continent of Africa and people would be able to utilize it for the betterment of the country’s economy. 

Currently the project is in the development phase and is expected to unleash major technologies which would be beneficial for all the people.


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